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The SMART Fund

Our focus is to promote health and wellness and encourage marginalized and vulnerable members of the community to play an active role in their own health. Begun in 1997, this innovative program supports and funds non-profit agencies in the Vancouver Coastal Health geographic region to develop projects that empower communities to better identify and manage their own health needs.

By focusing on wellness, the SMART Fund helps community programs provide services and support before health issues become serious. Research has demonstrated that health promotion and illness prevention go hand-in-hand to reduce unnecessary use of acute care services, and to increase the health status of communities.

The SMART Fund recognizes that communities are the experts at identifying their health needs and finding their own solutions. By investing in community-based and community-directed programs, SMART ensures that projects reach their populations effectively.

How our funded programs are making a difference

Watch these videos to see how our funding programs are changing lives and improving communities.

The Parent Connections The Parent Connections
Cecilia and Nesreen, newcomers to Canada, found parenting without the support of loved ones and their native culture very challenging. Then they found Parent Connections: a Richmond Family Place program that helps new immigrant parents learn parenting skills and get involved in their communities. Both women now actively support other parents in their community.
The Parent Connections video.
BC Paraplegic Association (BCPA): Peer Support Program BC Paraplegic Association (BCPA) Peer Support Program
Jean became a paraplegic when the street sweeper he was repairing suddenly closed on him. Fortunately, Jean met Brad, a peer support volunteer with the BC Paraplegic Association (BCPA), who helped him through the rehab process and re-integrate into the community.
BCPA Peer Support Program video.
Operation Sweet Assassin Operation Sweet Assassin:
Howard Joe, a residential school survivor, remembered all the abuses that he suffered as he watched his community burn down the old residential school in Sechelt. Howard also has diabetes and is on a journey with other members of the Sechelt Indian Band who survived the residential school system as they learn how to self-manage their chronic diseases with the support of the peer-based Sweet Assassin Program.
Operation Sweet Assassin video.
Arts, Health & Seniors Arts, Health & Seniors
Douglas thought he would never heal from the chronic depression he faced for much of his life. The Arts Health & Seniors program (AHS), has given him an opportunity to use art to improve his health and wellness through self-exploration.
Arts, Health & Seniors video.
Warriors Against Violence (WAVS) Warriors Against Violence (WAVS)
Jennifer first left her abusive partner when her daughter was 7 months old. Jennifer joined the Warriors Against Violence program (WAVS) and gained the skills and confidence to help her and her children heal from the scars of abuse and move on in life.
Warriors Against Violence (WAVS) video.
ISS Cross Cultural Peer Support Program Immigrant Services Society (ISS) Cross Cultural Peer Support Program
Ajlin left everything behind when she arrived in Canada as a refugee. Through the Immigrant Services Society’s Cross Cultural Peer Support Program, Ajlin and other immigrant and refugee women learn to adapt to the challenges of a new life in Canada.
ISS Cross Cultural Peer Support Program video.
CMHA Cleaning Solution Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) Cleaning Solution
Diagnosed with schizophrenia, John lived in a single room with no phone and no job for years. Now John has a job, an apartment and feels pride and a sense of meaning in what he does, thanks to the Cleaning Solution, (a CMHA program that provides green cleaning services staffed by people recovering from mental illness).
CMHA Cleaning Solution video.

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